A divorce will bring tremendous changes to your life. While some of these changes are very obvious, some are less so. Many people during or after a divorce fail to take estate planning into consideration. It is critical that your estate plan reflects the major changes in your life. At Hudson L. Voltz, P.C., we assist people in creating estate plans after a divorce. Our Downingtown-based law firm serves people across Chester County and southeastern Pennsylvania.

Because we represent clients in both family law and estate planning, we are fully equipped to handle both your divorce and your estate plan. In fact, Hudson Voltz was named as a Top Lawyer on the Main Line in the field of Family Law, and Janet Satterthwaite named as a Top Lawyer on the Main Line in the field of Elder Law.

Making Certain Your Assets Pass On To Your Intended Beneficiaries

One of the biggest issues involving estate planning and divorce involves the distribution of assets. Under your current will, it is likely that your spouse inherited most or all of your assets if you died before him or her. Even if you decide that your children should inherit all of your assets under your new will, your spouse may effectively have control over these assets if you die before him or her. For this reason, we frequently recommend trusts for divorcing parents with children. With a trust, a trustee can manage these assets for your children’s benefit in the event you die or become incapacitated.

Our Chester County estate planning and divorce lawyers can also handle other parts of this transition, including changing beneficiary designations for life insurance and establishing a new power of attorney. Our law firm can manage these issues while your divorce is pending or after your divorce. With a wealth of family and estate planning experience, we can provide practical guidance aimed at developing the best possible course of action.

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