Simple Divorce?

By: Hudson

Sometimes divorce can be simple.  There are several important considerations.  If there is a home, regardless of who is on title, it must be addressed by an agreement to resolve any equity that occurred during the marriage (marital appreciation).  Retirement benefits also are relevant along with any bank accounts and credit cards, regardless of whose name is on the account.  Many, many times our office is able to work out an agreement between the parties without the necessity of litigation.  Currently, once a divorce complaint is filed, you must wait 90 days but then you can request the divorce if there is an agreement.

If there is no marital residence (you rent) and you have come to some agreement between yourselves about how to handle the debt and other assets, we can help you through the process to obtain a simple consensual divorce.  Call our office for a consultation so we can give you an independent and fair analysis of your circumstances.  We can help.

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